Crown C Farms

Located in the Terrebonne valley of Central Oregon, Crown C Farms focuses on providing vegetables, fruits and other edibles with a low environmental impact. Agricultural resources, including irrigation, on the High Desert are at a premium. That is why at Crown C, we choose products and cultivars that thrive in our sometimes challenging growing environment with minimal natural resources.

Farm-to-table means little more than a catch phrase if the food is not produced sustainably. Crown C is dedicated to offering goods produced through sound agricultural practices. This may mean growing fewer products and offering them seasonally. At Crown C, that means good stewardship.

We have a variety of summer squash, sun choke (Jerusalem artichoke) and lettuce, with cucumbers on the way. Farm fresh eggs, home baked bread and fresh ground flour are also available. Contact us for purchasing direct from the farm. We are authorized to take SNAP, EBT and WIC F&V vouchers.